3 Artists in 1 Week

Hey guys, its been a crazy couple of weeks. We've got a lot of stuff coming down the pike in the next month that we're excited to get out to you; but in the 'here and now' there has been some big things going on with a few of our favorite artists. This week we have new releases from:

Dylan Hartigan with Steal Ur Ex

Dylan was on a hot streak of pouring out beautiful melodies that he had written over a hard-working, short period of time. He has written and produced 6 songs in just 7 months: Steal Ur Ex is his 6th. His first 5 tracks on Sound Cloud are beautifully written and have a great depth of meaning that calls for an acoustic/mellow tone that brings the listener in to hear the message that comes from the life of Dylan Hartigan. Every lyric I hear, I'm like, "damn that's so fuckin true." Though all songs have different sounds, Dylan really breaks away from his conventional style to create a new type of song that's upbeat and relatable in a fun way. I remember Dylan told me, "I need an upbeat/fun song". And if you know Dylan, there really isn't anything conventional about him or his music, he likes to commit-idly flip the switch on shit. Here's Dylan flipping the switch with Steal Ur Ex.


Jordan Besser with Hallows' Eve 

Now, as I have written before--being a fan of funk, soul and jazz--Jordan brings an amazing mix to all genres wrapped into one that pours out of him organically. This unique style is evidenced in his new single that dropped last week. Actually, the first song I ever heard by Jordan was a demo of Hallows' Eve, which left me only wanting more. Now with Jordan's first album Rubyyou experience a lot of change in musical levels; one song will be slow and hit you hard, while another will have your fingers snappin' and your toes tappin'! Jordan's new single will take you right in the middle of all of that: an acoustic version of Jordan's raspy call to have you take your time and engage in the song. Really, you could just cut out the instruments and listen to his voice and you'll be drawn. Listen to Jordan's engaging acoustic style of Hallows' Eve.


Wake Child with In the End

I have recently watched a demo video of Wake Child, right before they dropped their very first single In the End. Let me explain something to you: these guys will have many more singles, EPs, and albums to come. This song brings something that you can't help yourself from getting up from whatever your doing and start dancing... don't believe me? Test it out real quick here... no for real click here... I'll wait... one last time click here. Okay, I hope you listened to Wake Child's new song. If you did, I know you at least started bopping your head. This is a recent band we have been building a friendship with. They are a trio based out of Boston. I don't know how they did it, well actually in their Bio statement they explain just how they formed, which relates to how this unorthodox style of a song was created. The trap style instrumentals tangled creatively into the voice of a soul artist makes for a great listen for when you want to hear something refreshing. Check these guys out with their very first single In the End.


Thanks for being patient with the new blog post. We literally gave you a brand new playlist that will keep you company for a long time. Take your time and enjoy what you are about to experience!

Your welcome,

- Landon and Jake

Also, if you want some suggestions on some of our favorite songs by these artists to get a nice rounded listen, check out these songs.

Mooonlight and Hey Tonto by Dylan Hartigan

Sunday Don't Let Me Down and Mornin Ol' Boy by Jordan Besser

More on Wake Child at their website