Jordan Besser (Feel Good Friend)


As I have talked about before, in In the Hart of Brooklyn and The Freedom with Indie Music I lived in New York for a short fulfilled while. I always reference my living experience in Brooklyn because, well, what occurred their still ripples the path of my life and will continue to in ways I can't know of yet. New York for me was one of the best experiences of my life because I took on a great amount of self identification and was introduced to friends and artists I keep close with today. I journaled almost every day while I was out there, and I am glad I did, so I can relive certain moments and more importantly look back on what I was feeling in that time. I found an entry I wrote about; locking in my friendship with a truly talented artist by the name of Jordan Besser. Jordan is an old soul. Which was one of the firsts things that got us to actually hit the town together one late night in the city. He had told me about this night club called "Home, Sweet Home" that had Friday night 50's and 60's dance! I showed up to the club with fellow Indie artist Dylan Hartigan but no sign of Jordan. Dylan and I hit the dance floor to the crazy upbeat soul music and let loose, we we're just having a good time. The music made the time fly by an hour, but our feet felt the wrath of it. Just as we were about to call it, in comes lone wolf Jordan Besser strutting through the crowd. It was then I realized, "even if I hadn't shown up, this jazz cat would've been here enjoying every moment of the night with just the comfort of himself". I liked that about Jordan. Though we both came from completely different backgrounds, we ended up in the same place in life, in that moment, crazy how that works. I learned a lot about Jordan while living in New York. His ambitions as an artist, his world traveling accomplishments and also his love for creating music.

As of right now in this very instance I am on the opposite coast in California, as too is Jordan. NY to LA. It wasn't until I arrived in California that I really learned more about the musically creative mind of his. After, of course, reuniting the dance pack and hitting some 50's and 60's dance scenes out in LA, I got a phone call from Jordan with an incredible request; which I would most certainly accept!

"Hey man, we're making a music video to one of my songs called Feel Good Friend. My buddy and I will be directing it and want to know if you would be in it?"


I didn't care what plans I had I wanted to work with Jordan creatively. I heard one of his newer released songs Hallow's Eve and really enjoyed his writing so it was kind of a no brainer! Feel Good Friend (Not Yet Released) is about the odd sense of comfort you have when you immediately click with someone, or something and they become a euphoric outlet to the shit you've been living in. It was kind of like the friendships and bonds I made in NYC, I met truly honest people and felt like I knew them for years, which made me learn more about myself; kind of like an escape from a lot of the bullshit you can't escape on your own. Comparatively to any sort of meditation: camping, hiking, playing the guitar, smoking a cigarette, reading a book, etc. Which, in its own way, was exactly what was portrayed in the music video. A Jordan Besser original.

Don't want to say too much about it until it is released, but I'll keep you guys posted!

During the car ride from the video shoot day, Jordan and I were talking about his music. I asked him where I could listen to more of his work. He reached down by his side door compartment and, like a genie, pulled out a copy of his album and slapped it into my hand. Another thing I respect about Jordan is he's kind of a secret talent, you almost wouldn't know it until you dig for it. Like a hidden gem. I had no idea he had an album out, he didn't brag about it. The Album, appropriately is named Ruby.

After the video was shot; about a week later I was driving down PCH along the coast late one night. I threw on Jordan's album Ruby and let it consume me, which immediately it did during the first 20 seconds of the first track; a rare experience. I solidified myself forever as a fan from this one song. Jordan told me he wrote this album during a hard time in his life so you can tell it is from the heart. The song Sunday don't let me downis beautifully filled with soul and originality. Being a fan off funk, soul and jazz, Jordan brings an amazing mix to all genres wrapped into one that pours out of him organically. AND not every song of his is the same in sound, I don't want to get to technical but he shows a great amount of range through his music. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard his voice hit a high raspy cry out to "sunny Sundays don't let me down!"

To all readers, be a listener. Experience the work of Jordan Besser.

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