Hung up on Wake Child

At the end of April we were introduced to a band called Wake Child. They put out a song called "In The End" we shared it with you and since then we've had it on repeat. While the song kicks ass, listening to it is a little bit like telling yourself you'll only have one bite of ice cream, no matter how satisfying it is, your always going to want some more. Well the wait is over, after much anticipation they have followed up with a new single "The Hangup Blues".


Like The Dark Knight, The Empire Strikes Back, and Rush Hour 2, it is a sequel that exceeds all expectations. In there follow up to their debut single, it's refreshing to hear them so willing to continue a theme of creative risk. When the song begins its easy to assume it will follow a traditional path from start to finish, but it doesn't. We start in a typical blues fashion with a sad tale of lost love told through beautiful vocals, but once invested nearly half way through the track they shift style and pace. The tempo builds to a climax that you wont anticipate where very gracefully, they lay it  all out on the line. Then finally it eases back to a gentle fade out.

While so may songs show you a scene of what heart break feels like, Hangup Blues takes you through all the stages, the disbelief, the sadness, the anger and eventually the acceptance. Wake Child directs you through the whole film instead of just a clip.

If the Hangup Blues would have followed suit of its contemporaries and taken a more traditional route I'm sure it would have been quality work, but more than that, this song takes you somewhere you may not have expected to go,  and isn't that the essence of what leaves a heart hung up?


Check it out, send them your love, and let us know what you think!