Bonfire Falls

bonfirefalls-imageThis week’s featured band is the beautifully balanced, unique indie trio, Bonfire Falls. They are an indie rock/folk band who is based in New York. Their original sound is rooted in acoustic guitars, a violin, and delicately powerful harmonies. The band consists of Erikka Walsh (violin, vocals), Ryan McCurdy (piano, keyboard, guitars, vocals), and Stephen Lyons (lead vocals, guitar). The band members have been individually recognized and awarded as performers and composers. Walsh is an original cast member of Once, a Grammy and Tony award winning musical. McCurdy’s original compositions for Callie Kimball’s Rush landed him a 2016 Innovative Theater Award nomination. Lyons’s voice has been recognized for a featured song at the New York Songwriter’s Circle, and rightfully so. If you want more proof, check out his a-ha cover of “Take On Me”. Their debut EP, ‘Lifetime’, was just released in April, 2016. The EP is truly a work of art that you don’t want to turn off. Though it’s only five songs, each song serves a purpose and flows fluently through and through. ‘Lifetime’ starts out strong with the beautifully written “Alaska”. The only way to describe the harmonies in this song, and all that follow, is perfect. “Tomorrow’s Song” follows and starts with an alluring piano/violin combination. This track has a calmer melody that slowly picks up tempo which I particularly enjoyed. Not to mention, the lead vocalists charming falsetto sprinkled throughout is a nice touch. “Can I Run With You” is a song of longing for love that yields a stunning moment when the violin and piano complement one another. This elegantly written song is one of a kind. ‘Show me where you run, can I run with you … if for a night, if for a lifetime’. Not often am I a jealous man, but the idea, the story, behind this song makes me envious. To write and perform something so heartfelt is rare in this day and age; that’s why bands like Bonfire Falls rightly deserve the recognition.  The next track, “Lifelines”, also supplies exquisite harmonies with a nice twist when the three sing different verses simultaneously. Not an easy feat that certainly paid off exponentially. Last, but certainly not least, “VICTORIA!” closes out the EP in a memorable way. From start to finish, I had a smile on my face. As previously exhibited, it offers an excellent build-up that makes me want to sing and dance (something that doesn’t happen often!) “VICTORIA!” is so inviting, that I actually sang (incorrectly) on my first listen. The power behind the melody is truly enticing! When listening, you certainly want to participate with the band and belt out the chorus! The tastefully playful violin is a delightful addition to the incredible song (if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for violins). This was the perfect way to cap off the EP.

This is a band that has real talent, authentic, raw talent. It’s an added bonus that they sound the same, if not better, live. In an era where artists pump out simplistic, poppy songs just for hits, it’s refreshing to hear such poetic lyrics from a band that clearly gives a shit. Overall, ‘Lifetime’ was an unforgettable journey that I will revisit time and time again. If you enjoy indie rock, I highly encourage you to check out Bonfire Falls by clicking here.


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