Cletis Carr

carr sedaliaThis week’s featured artist is the ever talented singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer Cletis Carr. Carr is known as an Americana, folk, blues musician who shares tales of heartache, happiness, and everything in between. His unique sound stems from an acoustic steel string guitar that makes it impossible not to tap your foot to the beat. He has extensively toured Australia, Europe, and North America and has over 120 compositions released worldwide. Carr founded the new wave band Sneakers which launched a solo career consisting of eight albums. The last, Sedalia Blues, was just released in 2016. Sedalia Blues is Carr's first full release of new songs in 15 years. The new album stays true to Carr's acoustic feel incorporating gritty slides in many of the songs. This is truly an Americana album that doesn't stray away from the blues and folk. Not to mention, a few tracks feature a Celtic style that serves as a nice palate cleanser. The album starts off with Last Summer Rain that features a bluesy slide with solos reminiscing Neil Young and chimes of Tom Petty. Also featured on the album is 'Alone', a perfect balance of blues, rockabilly, and country that remind you of the late great JJ Cale. Carr revisited one of his older songs, 'Stones', which is one of our favorites. Loved the old version, and can't believe he made it even better. Towards the end of the album lies our other favorite, 'The Sparrow', which has a hint of a Celtic beat. This hauntingly beautiful song of heartbreak and loneliness really hits home.

Overall, Sedalia Blues is towards the top of our list and will certainly stand the test of time. Carr is one of our favorites at the moment, and we encourage you to check out more of his stuff by clicking here.


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