The Mission

The Mission. When Landon, Alex, and I started Setlist it was because we believed there were a lot of quality musicians that were being undervalued. Kind of like the movie Money Ball. It’s about Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, who play real life characters that, believe they could put together a championship quality baseball team, with the overlooked players that got drowned out by star players with more conventional styles. We saw the same opportunity in music. There is this big gap between music that is popular and garnering most of the attention, and the music that has some weight to it. So in the same style as Money Ball, we thought we could build a platform for the underappreciated artists that work to do more than make you bite your lip and do weird shit on the dance floor. Musicians who care about the words they sing, and care for the people they sing to.

Soon after we started our notion was confirmed, talking with artists who were driven not just to be great, but to do great. So we start to talk with bands and solo artists, and one after the other we start finding a common thread; this desire an artist has to give back and make a difference in their communities.

Every interview we give we always ask, “Why is what you’re doing important? “.  It always comes down to the idea of connection. So when we asked ourselves that same question, we knew it was no different. Our mission at Setlist is to connect with artists, who can connect with you, the communities that make up this great country.

However, in many of the greatest cities for music there are countless people that have no idea where there next meal will come from or how they can provide for their family. Don’t worry I’m not about to hit you up for a nickel a day or anything like that.  Here is what we’re doing about it.

We are partnering with artists and bands from all around the country and outfitting them with their own clothing line and apparel that we design together; creating unique designs that fit the image of each individual artist. From there we find a food bank that is working hard to provide meals to those in need within the community, local to the artists, to help provide and further their cause.

With this model we are able to contribute to up and coming bands with their next projects as well as feed hungry people who are in need of a hand. In the coming months you will see some of the partnerships we have made with incredibly talented musicians and we will be representing several major cities across the U.S.  With every product sold empty stomachs around the country will be filled.

I want to thank you for your loyal readership; together we’re going to do big things.