The Deep and the Sea

This week we would like to draw our attention to a very talented individual who is making waves with her new EP release of The Deep and the Sea. Before we get into her album review I want to look back on the first time we meet Jessie. Seeing her set in Florida was an experience in itself. Picture being a part of people enjoying each others company surrounded by family, friends and the sounds of Indie-Folk singer song writer Jessie Abbey. After the show and telling Jessie how much her music was appreciated; she was more than happy to give us a copy of her EP to listen further in depth to. She was really great and a cool person; you could tell that she is truly creating music because she loves it and has something to share to everyone. Thank you Jessie for the Album!

I have to say, starting this Album off with the song titled after it was a cool decision. It says 'hey this is my album and here's what it's about' right off the bat with confidence. In her first song The Deep and the Sea it talks about taking risks and "sailing" away from all of the distractions in life that obscure your dreams and finally taking the plunge to do the things you want, and need, to do. It's just her and the sea. The song's sound and feel reminds me of a good old western draw. It's beautifully intense, capturing and impact-full. A perfect start, a new start.

As this song can relate to points in so many of our lives, I can tell this song really comes from the heart; this being Jessie's first individual EP after transitioning from her previous band takes courage and guts!

My other favorite song, coincidentally happens to be her Track two. Rubber Hands  really backs up her voice and message in the the first Track. How I listen to the Album; The Deep and the Sea represents the start of a journey, which can be represented by the slow rhythm and the "dream achieving" message. Your going for what you want in life, something completely new, so your slowing taking it step by step in this big ocean of possibilities.

Comparatively, Rubber Hands is more of an up beat tone. So we're traveling on this new journey that is, at first , a little scary because you don't know what to expect, but then suddenly you start to get excited because each experience is a new one. One of my favorite lines in the song goes "Is this what your willing to pay for this?" This line questions the chorus "A plastic morning, rubber hands. Holding on to what you'll never have". Whats that one thing your holding onto that is keeping you from your dream or keeping you from what you feel you need to do? That's the risk for the greater good. If their is no risk, its not worth it, Jessie understands that.

The rest of the Album follows this Deep and the Sea adventure, traveling into the unknown. But I've learned that the unknown is a great thing, the knowledge and experince that comes from it is the reward in life. I don't want to keep telling you my perspective of this album because I want you to expericne it for yourself, like I did. Go check out Jessie Abbey on Spotify and iTunes or visit her website here.


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