Sons Of The East

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are a collective from Sydney, Australia who I’ve really been digging. In other words, they’re good and I’m excited for them to be heard. The group showcases the banjo, organ, piano, guitar, and your occasional didgeridoo. That’s authentic Australian shit right there. They started making music in 2015 and have been putting out tunes pretty consistently since then. At first, the majority of their fan base came from touring around back home, but after heading to Austin, Texas for the SXSW festival, their local following soon bloomed into an international uproar.

Nothing Comes Easy(nov9) and Silver Linings(mar1) are their most recent singles so I figured I’d throw them in here, but you can find more of their music pretty much anywhere. That’s the beauty of the internet my friends.


Silver Lining must be hiding

Out there on a better day

I’ll believe it when I see it

Shining in the falling rain

By Erin. Jacksonville, Fl.

Erin Fitzpatrick