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Mat Kerekes

is most commonly known for being front man of the band Citizen. He did a solo project a few years back as well, but Ruby is his most recent work. It came to life about a month ago and for the time being I’ve been trying to anticipate just how I should write about it.

The making of this album impressed me just as much as the music, if not more. Kerekes explains just how unaided the project really was, and that’s mainly what caught my attention.

From converting my garage into a studio from the ground up with my brother solely to record this album, recording/producing it all myself, learning new instruments solely for these songs and spending all day and night alone in my garage recording for over a month straight

Whenever I teach myself something new, I fail at it at least a million times before I really start to get the hang of things. It always takes me a little longer than the projected time frame to make progress, and there really is no way to get around the old fashioned way of just taking the time and putting in work if you truly want to do something wild and new. No short cuts were taken here and the thought of being so vulnerable and sitting down every day, recording music, and leaving it all on the table in your most honest form is just mind blowing. I couldn’t say that I’ve ever done something of that nature before in my lifespan, so I admire the fearlessness.

”I stood on your front porch
Talking to your brother
I don't see him much anymore
Things have changed since you've been gone”

Although some of the songs are on the slow side, “Ruby” is the perfect platform for Kerekes to show off his musical talent and showcase multiple instruments. The lyrics found within the track list capture real world observations and what I got from them is that it’s about learning to appreciate the things you have, losing your childhood innocence, and breaking free of toxic habits. Ruby is just as much a story as it is an album, and it’s one the artist can be proud of.


Jacksonville, Florida

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