Weary Hours spent with Kaleigh Baker

I was recently playing some of the best pool of my life opposite of Abel Avalos, who is a much better player than I. He also plays keys for the band Frequency. They're a top-tier cover band, so if you're in central Florida you should check them out.I snuck in a win against Abel on the billiards table followed promptly by the worst 10 frames I've ever bowled. To distract from the pitiful score flashing on the screen, We talked music and he mentioned playing with Kaleigh Baker at The Social in downtown Orlando. While the title of this post may lead you to believe I have spent time with Kaleigh that would not be the case. But when you listen to her album The Weary Hours you do feel like you've been through some shit together. She's the kind of artist that wears her emotions on her sleeve and if a message is trying to be conveyed through her music, you just get it. I think in music sometimes the song is the star and sometimes it's the artist performing it. Neither is better or worse but in the case of Kaleigh Baker, she is the star. Her instrumentals do add a powerful element to her music, but as I wait for her first lines in each song, I can't help but envision watching a film with the score swelling before you finally are introduced to the hero.

An ode to a true legend, she gets you right in the palm of her hand with her first track, What Would Tom Waits do. Immediately your given insight into her affinity and capacity for blues. All the songs on this album are gold but the one I find myself frequenting the most is Vagabond Preacher. I'm in love with the technical aspects of the number, like how it begins with a soothing melody followed by tone shifting instrumentals. But what I love most is how it encapsulates the artist. One thing is very clear to me, Kaleigh Baker performs music her way, whatever is uncovered to be the truest form of each song is exactly what is offered. That is all I can imagine a vagabond preacher to be, one who takes on the world spreading Truth to whoever will hear it. Please check out Kaleigh's work, you'll certainly find a new favorite tune, and perhaps maybe a little enlightenment.

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