The Freedom with Indie Music

"Making it big" is over. It’s a chain that bares one from thinking creatively and being honest with their art. This doesn't just relate to Indie Musicians but to all other artists expressing their experiences with their talents. If you’re playing for the end result you won’t be free to enjoy the journey. This "making it big" mentality isn't the priority to Indie Musicians. Do they want to reach what they are saying to a range of people? Yes, but it’s not a priority for themselves. The priority is for the people they share it with. In all honesty, "making it big" closes the door on a personal level between artist and listener. I recently read about what is called the "Walled Garden" >>>for a good read click here<<< which is an internet term used for an environment that controls the user's access to Web content and services. This relates to a traditional music approach, where an industry obtains an exclusive right to the artist’s work, limiting the artist’s freedom to share. Being part of a "walled garden" is hurting the music industry; it is essentially a caged talent. The opposite is true with the indie scene.  No independent musician wants to be "owned" or sell out to "make it big"; in doing so they are losing the very thing they want most. This is to relate and create for themselves and for others.


When I lived in Brooklyn I made a close friend who is very talented at writing his own music. I could tell how passionate he was about it from watching him work and write his lyrics in his notebook. He told me stories of how he used to be in a band, that was signed, and how he left it. I asked him why...

"They controlled and wanted to own everything I was trying to create".

He left and created his own studio and now has the freedom to write and produce whatever he wants. The music he creates is brilliant! I love listening to everything he records. He didn't want to be a "walled garden"; he wanted to honestly share his passion and experiences.

When we talked with "Bonfire Falls" they stressed about why their music is so important. They are on a mission to reach a community. "A special community where all these complicated cultural elements meet in the language of music".*Side note* stay up on our blog for the release of our interview with this talented Indie Band. If an Independent artist becomes "walled" then how will those bands ever be free to share, on an interment level? They won't be able to perform at open venues, coffee shops, or bars. That is why Independence is so crucial to this culture; freedom allows you to reach anyone at anytime. Without the freedom of independence in this industry the message gets lost in translation.

Yes major music labels get their client's music produced and heard. And with all the retail co-ops with those major record labels, stores are left with a limited budget to bring in Independent music. But with the strong Indie community that is forming, leads to a closer relationship with their listeners, who are actually listening. Independent Musicians are free to create. Don't get me wrong, it’s a fucking battle to do what they're doing because their freedom is self produced. They are fighting for recognition, not in the sense of just creating a "hit" but in the sense of creating a relationship. They deserve the recognition, and we need to give them that.