Sleeves to Feed

We are super excited to announce that our first official Setlist product is out on the market! We thought we'd start with the crowd favorite and stick our name on a classy model T-Shirt. With that said, this marks the beginning of our "Sleeves to Feed" pursuit to aid in an issue faced all around the America...hunger. With every Setlist product sold, we send proceeds towards a local food bank in order to put meals on tables that are otherwise empty. Not only do our T-Shirts represent the Indie Community but it also represents a movement that anyone can be a part of to make a difference.  A lot of themes are brought up that we've discussed about Indie Music; community, authenticity, freedom, experience and truth.

All of the important themes that we have talked about with building a community that bring people together through the language of music. Being authentic when it comes to the music that is created. Not just going with the flow of what people are doing but actually setting yourself apart on your own true path and sharing your experience; as Indie Musicians have the freedom to do such things. I know that people are capable of incredible things, alone and in bulk. Just take a look at a few of the artists we've had the pleasure to review or interview. Here at Setlist we believe that the segway between artist and movement is transparent. And with this simple T-Shirt YOU alone can do an amazing act.

We are starting with contributing to a local food bank, with the goal to expand our products and reach, but we don't want to wait any longer to hold you out on making a difference; not only the music but to this world that desperately needs to be taken care of. Like I said, the Setlist brand doesn't just represent Indie Music, it'll be a a face attached to a movement. Just think about every time you put on your Setlist T to go grab coffee, to strum on a guitar in front of an audience, or to even just sleep in; you can recognize that you made a difference in someone else's life. How amazing is that?! Growing up I've learned that "small things" mean "big things", the possibilities are endless with small acts, lets make them BIG! Roll up your "Sleeves to Feed".

Love you guys,