Pete Falloon Video Premiere: Live @ The Barnfield Theatre Videos 7-9

  This is Part 3 of the exclusive video premieres of my album launch show at the Barnfield Theatre,

Exeter on Setlist Indie Music. We released Parts 1 and Part 2 on Monday and Tuesday;

Part 4 will follow tomorrow, ending with the third part of my “From Experience” series of blog

pieces this Friday.

The album launch show at the Exeter Barnfield Theatre was actually the last of three gigs with the

full four piece band. In fact the first band show we did with these tunes was as a trio supporting

the legendary British funk band The Blockheads at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells after a weekend

of rehearsals and it was great to play the new songs to a packed out venue. The first album

launch was held at the Sussex Arms in Tunbridge Wells, the town where Matthew, Paul, Mischa

and me grew up. We were supported at that gig by a great Brighton-based songwriter, David

Mumford, with Mike Wilton on guitar. They also opened for us at the next gig, at the Slaughtered

Lamb in London. The very talented Americana songwriter Small Town Jones opened the Exeter


Here are the next three songs from the Exeter show and a bit more about them.


Reasons:Many love relationships go through more difficult stages at some time or another. It can end up

with the other person finding lots of reasons for the shortcomings of the other, and completely

forgetting all the good things that brought them together in the first place. The quiet voice from the

past can end up drowned out in this battling cross-fire. This song is a plea in a situation like that,

to remember the positive things again.


On a Foreign Tide:Getting lost on the waves of love....About relationships drifting, building walls up to protect

yourselves, getting over and away from past hurts, and trying to adapt to a new way of being,

being left alone and loneliness. But also the rejuvenation of change, and the possibility to start

again, or break down the old barriers.


Contemporary ways:This song began in part at my (until recent) rebellion against the most modern personal technology

and social networking, having not had an iPhone or Facebook and social media for years. But a

reflection that I used to try to be at the front of everything earlier in life. Realizing the potential

good sides of these tools. Realizing how much change has happened in the last 10-20 years,

within me and in the world outside. On the other hand, as part of mass production, consumerism

and disposal/obsolescence, there is still much to argue against these tools, and recognize that we

might be better off living simpler lives with less clutter.

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for 3 more videos everyday this week, leading to From Experience Part 3 by Pete Falloon on Friday!