Pete Falloon Video Premiere: Live @ The Barnfield Theatre Videos 4-6

Welcome to Part 2 of the exclusive video premieres of my album launch show at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter on Setlist Indie Music. We released Part 1 yesterday; Parts 3 and 4 will follow on Wednesday and Thursday, ending with the third part of my “From Experience” blog pieces series this Friday. The band for the album launch gig includes my brother Matthew Falloon on bass guitar, Paul Everest on drums, and Mischa Bray on mandolin, and of course me on electric guitar and vocals. On the recorded album, for the most part my rhythm guitar is doubled - with electric and acoustic guitar to give it a crisp and sparkly feel. But we found that during live rehearsals for the album with drums and bass, although playing a plugged in (electro) acoustic guitar had a nice acoustic tone, it didn't work as well as an electric guitar live. So that's why we used electric guitar for the live shows. I still wanted to keep a fairly acoustic feel to the live shows though, and many songs had mandolin parts added to them in the recorded album, so that's why we were delighted to add Mischa Bray to the band! Here is a little bit about the three songs in Part 2:


  • Feint Ruled Notebook: This is about the first rush of falling in love and being crazy abut someone (my wife Tammy), and the feeling that you want to hold on to all those thoughts, feelings and conversations that go with it. The feint ruled notebook itself is a notebook I was using to write song ideas in at the time.

  • Continental Drift: This is a look back at motherly love, and an attempt to be grateful for the love, care and guidance over the years. But despite all that, I often chose my own, frequently slightly off the rails path, in a number of ways. So it is also about recognizing my own light and dark sides. The “drift” is about the inevitable growing up and independence from parents that we gain, as we lose our innocence and become our own people. “Seeing double” is about often ending up in the same old problematic situations in life again, despite what we've learned. An attempt, also, to apologize for the pain and hurt caused.

  • Avalanche: Sitting up late at night, maybe on an autumn evening outside and talking about the bigger things in life, getting old together and what it means. Getting strength from each other, realizing sometimes we need to change to grow, on our own and together. The last verse has more personal reflections, endings are new beginnings, a life of learning built on many failures, and often not quite hitting the bar.

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for 3 more videos everyday this week, leading to From Experience Part 3 by Pete Falloon on Friday!