Pete Falloon Video Premiere: Live @ The Barnfield Theatre Videos 10-12

Here is the fourth and final part of the exclusive video premieres of my album launch show at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter on Setlist Indie Music. We released Parts 1, 2, and 3: Videos 1-3 on Monday, Videos 4-6 Tuesday and Videos 7-9 Wednesday, and tomorrow we will bring you the third part of my “From Experience” series of blog pieces.We played some interesting instruments at these gigs - Paul Everest used a 1963 Slingerland drum kit, I played a left handed sparkling burgundy 1965 Gibson ES-330 that started out its life right handed and a different colour, and my brother Matt inadvertently bought his Fender American Standard Jazz Bass when getting a set of strings. Mischa Bray has a mandolin made by Savannah that I am convinced used to have a Seahawk on the head stock. He claims it never did.. Anyway, here are the last three songs and a bit about them!


  • Lay Down in the Morning Light: This is literally as the lyrics put it. Late April or early May, when the world is at its most bright, vivid green. For whatever reasons, after a night of complete insomnia, waking in the dawn by the sound of gentle rain on the windows, and looking outside to find the sun out bathing the world in sunlight and everything being so vivid, green and new, and laying there listening to the dawn chorus from start to end. Making me want to lay down and bathe in that light and colour, and surrender to the greatness and wonder of creation. In a difficult time, a very positive and uplifting experience, and the realization that no matter what, things will always be good in the end.

  • Reed in the River: This is about finding one-ness with the world and God, and as it says, bending like a reed in the river to the way things are, rather than resisting what is, if that makes any sense. I think often we forget the simple heartbeat of the world and the universe and get carried on all sorts of bizarre notions and journeys. But this can often end up feeling lonely and empty as we try to seek satisfaction in ever increasing things. To me, these days, at the core of it there is a simple joy in just being, and moving away from good/bad, happy/sad to just being.

  • Gone: About someone realizing the potential in themselves and overcoming their fears and hang ups to do so. Realizing also that very often we have all we need in life and don't need to keep asking or wanting for more. Having life, breath, sight and words are amazing gifts that we often take for granted. Often we need to turn lots of pages (years, or experiences) before realizing that, and to break out of the lines of what is expected or normal in life - to keep on succeeding socially and in careers and climbing the ladder. But having made these realizations there is enormous freedom to go wherever now, or tomorrow takes you. This is a very positive song with lots of hope in it.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

 From Experience Part 3 by Pete Falloon released tomorrow!