Pete Falloon Video Premiere: Live @ The Barnfield Theatre Videos 1-3

I'm thrilled to be sharing exclusive video premieres of my album launch show at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter on Setlist Indie Music! Over the next four days, we will release a playlist of three songs each day that can only be viewed through the blog. So, by the end of the week you will be able to view the whole show from start to finish. I've also had the pleasure of being interviewed and writing a series of “From Experience” pieces for the blog. You can read parts 1  and 2  of my series now, and we're going to publish part 3 this Friday. I first came across the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter, UK, when my wife Tammy took me to a comedy night in the main room, where we got picked on by the comedian! A couple of years back, I found the smaller Clifford Room when I went to play at the Barnfield Music Club, a great monthly showcase night for mainly acoustic acts. It has great acoustics, a superb sound system and was just the right size for my hometown album launch. I hope you enjoy the first three songs from the show - we played the album right through, in order, and here is a little bit about them.



  • Runway Now: Over ten years ago, at Heathrow airport on the way to Rio. In the midst of a major turning point and decision in life, a realisation that one relationship was ending and another waiting in the wings. This song is essentially about the confusion and feeling of deep sickness at the realisation of it all. Time spent wandering around the airport, listening to moody music on headphones, making calls. About losing the innocence and newness, and uniqueness of an untarnished relationship and the free fall of a new possibility. This was actually written on the Martin backpacker guitar I used to have, in the Hotel Sol Ipanema, with quite a different rhythm guitar part.


  • Canada in the Fall: Late in September 2004, I travelled with work to the Dolomites in Italy, and the next week to Ottawa, Canada, and stayed on for a week or so after the work was done. I needed a break alone after a breakup and closure on what was really two breakups. It was amazingly calm and sad at the same time. The weather was mostly bright blue skies and little wind, and I explored the city, bought new CDs and clothes, and watched the sunset and sunrise from a high rise hotel room. There was a wonderful sunset barbecue at the hosts house overlooking the Ottawa river, where we saw perfect V after perfect V of Canada geese flying home across the sunset sky. After the meeting I hired a car and stayed in a couple of hotels in the Gatineau park, and went fishing and for walks.


  • Soft Falling Rain: This song has some rough links to the Salman Rushdie novel “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”, in which the main characters are rock stars in the same band - Ormus and Vina, lovers who break up. Ormus goes underground and reclusive while Vina travels the world, has many lovers and externalises her pain. This song is about a girl who has lived most of her life apart from her real father - her mother was seeing two men before settling with the other one. She has used men in a disposable way, looking to be loved and gain approval from the father she never had. Travelling the world like Vina but never confronting the real issue. It also has links to the Milan Kundera novel “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, which is about the contradictions of owning versus letting things go, and the apparent, or not freedom versus lightness or weight of being associated with that.

    Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for 3 more videos everyday this week, leading to From Experience Part 3 by Pete Falloon on Friday!