Pete Falloon Update

Hey Set-listeners! So the last time you heard from us on Pete Falloon he had just released his live music videos at the Barnfield Theatre. We wanted to keep you updated on Pete's success and experiences since.

Recently four of Pete's tracks from Reed in the River were selected to be broadcast over the Peter Anthony Show via Q-BURN Radio. On top of that Pete has also been nominated in the Best Folk Act Category at the Wigwam Online Radio Awards.

I want to specifically talk about my two favorites On a Foreign Tide and Soft Falling Rain. Both being similar in sound instrumentally, which is the kind I enjoy, sort of a soft 70's classic track with a great message to take away from. Here is what Pete has to say about a couple of his featured tunes...


On a Foreign Tide - Getting lost on the waves of love.... About relationships drifting, building walls up to protect yourselves, getting over and away from past hurts, and trying to adapt to a new way of being, being left alone and loneliness. But also the rejuvenation of change, and the possibility to start again, or break down the old barriers.




Soft Falling Rain - This song has some rough links to the Salman Rushdie novel “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”, in which the main characters are rock stars in the same band - Ormus and Vina, lovers who break up. Ormus goes underground and reclusive while Vina travels the world, has many lovers and externalizes her pain. This song is about a girl who has lived most of her life apart from her real father - her mother was seeing two men before settling with the other one. She has used men in a disposable way, looking to be loved and gain approval from the father she never had. Travelling the world like Vina but never confronting the real issue. It also has links to the Milan Kundera novel “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, which is about the contradictions of owning versus letting things go, and the apparent, or not freedom versus lightness or weight of being associated with that.

Also, being broadcasted are his songs Avalanche and Contemporary Ways. Congratulations Pete!

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