Language Barrier Dance Party

Music has been around long before anyone reading this has been alive and it will be around long after we reach our expiration dates. The direction in which the sound will go can be unpredictable, but the beauty is that we know, in one form or another, the rhythms are here to stay. Thank god.

Anyways, my name is Erin. Most of my drive and everyday thoughts are inspired by travel. I’ve lived in Japan and have been fortunate enough to backpack most of Southeast Asia. I’m lucky. So fucking lucky to be where I am today because the cards I’ve been dealt haven’t always been the best, and more times than not, I’ve played them all wrong. But nonetheless, we’re here and that's all that counts.

Being in countries where it is difficult to communicate due to the language barrier was sometimes a pain in the ass. However, the number one thing that helped fill in that gap? Music... and this idea came to me completely by chance.


In Japan I had to wake up early and ride the train to work. Obviously, I needed music for the commute, so I used a small speaker. I turn it on, the music is playing and while I'm walking through a little tunnel, I notice the song sounds louder. I look up and what do I see? A group of kids who were on their way to school started dancing along to the tunes. The sun is barley up and I can't say much to them, but we were all brought together and nothing else mattered. We danced all the way to the train. Every morning from that day forward I got to start my day just like that. A dance party. Who could complain?


So, meeting the people behind setlist was perfect. Music to me was a tool to bring cultures together, and witnessing the same thing being done across the great US is the best idea I've seen so far to smooth out some of the chaos happening every day. Setlist motived me to pull my head out of my ass and create.

There you have it, you can sit around in silence or you can get out there and join a bad ass movement. The choice is yours.


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