Get Shit Done

Not knowing what to write, I've been staring at the screen for the entire Side 1 of Billy Joel's Vinyl 'Songs in the Attic' before I typed a single word. I was hoping to find some inspiration to inspire for the blog today. During my listen, which I got a little too caught up in :), I flipped through Austin Kleon's second book that I recently finished called 'Show Your Work'. I'm also sipping my coffee through my mug that reads "Get Shit Done". Sometimes ideas come naturally from something you read, listen to or drink from... and sometimes they don't, you may think. And that's okay. You have to give yourself permission to not have all of your ideas at the ready or else your mind will be blocked for beating yourself up about it. In "Show Your Work" Austin quotes Brian Eno with a term called "scenius". The term comes from the tossed around thought of being a lone genius. Nothing comes from nothing. Collaboration, even minuscule collaboration, is key in creativity. By working from a "scenius" standpoint your free to contribute, within a scene of people, to birth something original. How interesting, you can see this exact idea take place every time you listen to your favorite band.

Billy Joel's 'Songs in the Attic' was recorded live during his 1980 tour with his band, they really wanted to capture the true atmospheric sound they were shooting for that the studio just couldn't capture, and they nailed it. Of course it couldn't have been done without Billy's band through collaboration of instruments and working off of each other in the tour bus. That is the behind the scenes look in every great origin story, that's the good stuff, which leads into my other favorite section in "Show Your Work" about telling good stories;

"Our work doesn't speak for itself. Human beings want to know where things come, how they are made, and who made them".

That's one of the reason's we created Setlist was to not just exploit Independent Artists to the world, but also to expose their messy process that creates something so beautiful. The difference in music is that a lot of the times, we will get a glimpse of the story and we can figure out what the artist is talking about, an example being that a love one was lost, and we can relate to that. But what we are truly interested in is the actual attribution that pieces together that tale; the behind the scenes look. Who are they really talking about? What brought them to write certain lyrics? And why now are they sharing it? It is the process behind every great story or creative work that makes the art, no matter how unorganized or ugly it may seem.

That is why I am writing this blog entry today, to give you a little of the behind the scenes look at what goes into our posts. Ideas seldom just appear to us, we have meetings, deadlines and nights of "what the hell are we going to do" and if we didn't have those moments I wouldn't be writing this piece. Like I said, you may not think something small you read, listen to or drink from will have an impact on you, it wont if try to force in impact. Stay open, I just started writing without a plan, everything has an effect on you. I "Got Shit Done", I "Showed My Work" and ol' Billy's still resonated throughout my writing. Stay open and see what happens, don't force results or ideas.

The odds are always in your favor, until your try to play them.