Welcome to the Setlist Indie Blog

Are you even listening?  Have you felt the fear of what kind of noise may leak out from the speakers as you turn the key to your car?  Or find yourself in a public place wondering, “Why anyone would submit themselves to the torture we know as the Top 40?” What’s worse yet is they seem to be enjoying it. A sort of powerful magnetism that has hypnotized millions of people to disregard what an artist says, or what the message may be. Rather, they and just bob their heads mindlessly playing this sick game. The only person who has paid less attention to the lyrics than these droves of audiences is the “artist” responsible for bringing this pandering nonsense into the world. How did we get here, and where have all of the true story tellers gone? Story tellers that had a message so important to them it would have been a disservice to their heart to not play it in a song.

At Setlist we know they're still out there. In a time of such chaos in the world, there is nothing that can touch people the way real music can. Bono said “music can change the world because it can change people.” We believe that to be true. In a time when everything seems to be superficial, getting back to the roots of authenticity will be what saves us.  No more pretending. Real music from real artists who have something to say. And when our artists speak so do we. We start having conversations that need to be had and sharing opinions that matter. Nothing has affected society quite the way music has. As a result, it is easy to look at the correlation between what we are listening to now and the identity crisis our culture faces.

If you care about what you hear and believe in the phrase “garbage in, equals garbage out” then we would love to serve you. Setlist started out as three lifelong friends who weren't conforming to the current mainstream music. Refusing to eat the shit the radio was trying to shove down our throats, we sought out artists who believe and take pride in their music. We're talking about the artists who write songs, not for hits, but for themselves and their fans. We noticed these artists, Indie artists, are not often found on the radio and thus difficult to find. It is our mission to shine a light on them for those in desperate need of quality music.

So if you haven’t had the chance to see what we’re about on our social media platforms, we will be expanding another way to reach you and expose music that deserves the recognition. We plan on starting out as a weekly blog that will highlight musicians we find particularly impactful in the community. From interviews, show dates, new music, and the tales of journeys taken, we want to extend all we know to all of you. Please extend your knowledge to us, so we all as indie lovers can contribute to this growing community. Be sure to check back every Friday for a new post. If you have any recommendations / comments shoot us a message or email. For daily posts regarding all things indie music, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We know you’re tired, we know you’ve been searching, and we've been searching too. Come along with us and together we will find the music the radio wont.