About a year ago, I was at a crossroad in my life. Everything that I had known was in jeopardy and I had to make a decision. After speaking with a friend about what has been going on, he offered a life changing experience: to spend the week in the blue ridge mountains. I jumped at the opportunity. The catch, he said, was that we would be staying with 4 complete strangers. Even better, I told him, that is exactly what I need. We jumped in the car at 2 in the morning, groggy, and embarked on an experience that I will treasure the rest of my life. The 6 of us became quick friends and started discussing the challenges of life thus far. It seemed as though everyone was dealing with something—as most people are. It is a strange thing disclosing so much to people you hardly know. It wouldn’t be a road trip if we didn’t get lost along the way. We drove around the mountains for hours trying to find our cabin, but it didn’t matter. We were in nature, and that’s what counts. We finally stumbled upon an unmarked side road that led us to our destination. The next week was spent hiking, drinking, and sharing countless stories beside a fire. It was something that we all needed at that point in our lives. The week ended and I knew what I had to do. I took the leap, and felt free for the first time in a long time. The majority of people have experienced a similar moment, and are not often graced with the week I was given to help make a decision. So, what do they do? Eric Clapton found himself at a crossroad battling drugs and alcohol. He too, was ready for change, and founded a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center, Crossroads Centre, aimed at helping people who are at a crossroad in their lives, as he was. Not only did his decision change his life, but the lives of countless others.

You will undoubtedly face crossroads on your musical journey. Some might appear small and easy to fix, whereas others might be catastrophic. What’s truly important is how you handle the crossroad. Do you sit idle staring down both paths deliberating? Do you choose blindly? Do you give up and walk away? Sadly, I have no answer for you, as everyone is different and will have unique experiences. What I can say is this: do not choose the road more travelled simply because it is travelled more. You must do what’s right for you. Sometimes, you can see the path diverging before you, as Lennon and McCartney did; whereas other times, a clear crossroad is directly in front of you with evident choices or decisions that cannot coexist. A crossroad represents a meeting place, or this place of contemplation where thoughts and ideas turn into a decision. While at a crossroad, you can often see into the immediate distance of each path, but there is no way to tell what truly lies ahead. Adventures will come with either path that you choose, and the decision will impact your life forever—no pressure. Whatever decision you choose, know that you will have a support system every step of the way. No support system? No problem, you’ve got us here at Setlist!

Always remember “it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

-Professor Dumbledore