Building a Name

The other day I felt ambitious and decided to start a project. I have always wanted my own bar, so I decided to build one. Well, in all honesty, I live in an apartment and I don’t think my landlord would approve, so I resorted to bar shelves that I will hang on the wall in the kitchen. There, I will put up various bottles, shot glasses, bartender kits, and everything else that I have lying around the kitchen. The first thing I had to do was decide what kind of wood I would use to make this bar stand out, so I started researching. In my search, I stumbled upon live edge wood, which won me over. I was set. The wood was chosen—I just had to find it. So, I started my search on and finally found a private seller online, which I went and purchased today. Phase 1 of my bar complete. Next phase is sealing the wood and deciding on how to mount to the wall. Nevertheless, I feel like a well-oiled machine and it is beyond rewarding to start to see progress in a project.

When you break it down, we are all builders. You could build a bar. You could build a table. You could build any piece of furniture. You could build your values. You could build your relationship. You could build your career. You could build a name for yourself. Whatever you are building, it takes many steps along the way. These steps are not always quick and easy—and sometimes not very fun. These steps take time and patience. Unfortunately, some people are not willing to put in the time and effort to truly build, and they give up. Others find joy in the process, and continue to build throughout their life. They love the rewarding feeling of accomplishment after completion of each step—and the feeling at the end of a project is unlike any other. They will never stop building.

With Setlist, we did not just jump into the first idea that popped into our heads. I’m not quite sure where we would be if we had. It took patience, hard work, and plenty of time before we arrived at the idea of Setlist. This brainstorming, and planning period was the beginning of an incredible journey that we are fortunate enough to be on. Much like building my bar. I did not run into Home Depot and choose the first piece of wood that I saw. It took time to research and truly decide on what I wanted to use. With Setlist, it was incredible to get off the ground, and beyond rewarding to be so well received. We are more than a company, we are a community. We will never stop building. From the beginning, we made it clear that our mission was to shine a light on indie musicians who we felt deserved to be heard. As indie music is underrepresented, we at Setlist are working to help indie musicians build, in whatever way we can. We want to help musicians build a name for themselves in the community, and will continue to do everything we can to achieve this goal.