An Unexpected Evening

Tonight, I had the privilege of listening to one of the best Beatle’s cover bands around. I felt like I was in the audience at Shea Stadium, or the Ed Sullivan Show. Truly a blast from the past! As an avid Beatle’s fan, I fought my way to the front row, belted out all of the lyrics, and felt like it was 1965. After a while, I had to go and get refills, and unfortunately missed one of my favorites, Yesterday. When I returned, they changed from their famous Shea Stadium Nehru Jackets to outfits of the late 60’s (Lennon was in the US military Vietnam Shirt). Not only did they look like the Beatles, they sounded like them too. Before I got to where they were playing, I thought it was just a radio station. They even had the same mannerisms! Getting to witness this tremendous cover band will be unforgettable. I constantly feel as though I was born in the wrong generation and that I wish I could have seen them play, at least one time. This was pretty damn close. While listening to them with a huge smile on my face, I found myself thinking of the individual talent that was the Beatles. I mean, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, arguably two of the best songwriters in history. Not to mention, their harmonies, accompanied by George (another fantastic songwriter), were unforgettable. The often-overlooked Ringo was way ahead of his time on the drums. If he were in any other band, I believe that Ringo would have been the star, he was that good. He just so happened to have been surrounded by 3 of the greatest artists ever.  

Listening to the lyrics of their classic songs made me thing what I would write about. I can’t write music… I’m not that talented. But the question remained, what would I write about? I have dabbled in poetry and written about love, loss, friendship, and time but still found myself wondering about what’s next. I decided to share what I wrote down tonight (just a little four part poem). I do not often like to share what I write, but thought what the hell. I have been making a point of being more open lately and this might be the perfect opportunity.


The leaves are changing colors,

and the light is fading fast.


Let’s live these nights forever,

so the moments will always last.


Whatever it is that you write about, be proud of it—share it! Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself, especially for someone who is quieter. What do you like to write about? What fuels you?