I Met A Yeti

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I love where I grew up and I love seeing new things. When you add the two together, you might just find yourself hearing some good ass music, in a hole in the wall somewhere downtown. This time I was at Wills.   It was pretty cool inside, covered with stickers from all over, had some high-top tables and a patio. All around it was a nice vibe. A few bands played their songs and it was a smooth night. But to me, it was extra awesome because my cousin, Luis, plays bass in one of the bands.
Anyways, he's all self-taught when it comes to music and everything his band plays is authentic and made completely from scratch.

Here we are as kids hahahaha

Here we are as kids hahahaha

To me, there is nothing more incredible than seeing someone do what they love, and I witnessed just that. There are more great things in store for these guys, and there is nowhere to go but up. 
All of the bands that played were pretty impressive. It gave me hope that there still is talent out there. I'm glad I went out to have a drink and take some photos. Keep kicking ass!
check out Yeti

- Erin

Erin Fitzpatrick