Wallows: Good Music and Fist Fights

It seems no one can go to a concert anymore without one of these viscous fist-banging circles breaking out. BUT I don’t judge, sometimes, in the right environment I’ll even join in, but while I’m at this particular show I’d rather watch, dance and sing along. 

My friend Mike, who you won’t find at much of these events, holds his beer and ACTUALLY enjoys the music being performed on stage, that’s rare, so I really give it to the band to bring this out of him. During the mosh Mike soon gets drug into the pit. Oh shit. Nobody puts Mike in the pit. Within seconds I’m now watching a fight break out, with Mike on top. Knowing Mike since 3rd grade, I know he won’t stop, so I join in to break it up, pushing people out of the way (some think it’s funny and push back) until I get a hold of Mike and pull him off of the poor guy who met the end of his fist. (His fault). We are now standing in the middle of an opened circle while the show goes on. We are at a Wallows concert. Like I said, not a mosh kind of night.

Wallows music review

I’ve been following Wallows since they released their first single last summer Pleaser and been a fan ever since. Now they’ve released their Spring EP which they put on on at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, I was there too. I’ve seen these guys live twice within 2 months and I can’t get enough, I”ll see them again in November. They’re that good. 

They have a gymnasium rock sounds about them. They’re stage and set list are fucking awesome. Though, they only have a few singles and an EP, they manage to get along with they’re shows with a an eclectic set of covers, GOOD covers. I knew I was going to be in for a great night, when I first saw them at The El Rey (aka fight night) when the stage lit up with palm trees and the band members walked on stage to Mr. Sandman. Stylin’. Their music reminds me of The Strokes meets those guys from the movie Sing Street, which is a fantastic film by the way.

Band Members

  • Dylan Minette - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards

  • Braeden Lemasters - vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar

  • Cole Preston - drums, backing vocals

When you watch them on stage you can tell just how much fun they are having doing what they love. They put on a show, they don’t just stand there playing instruments. Hell, sometimes they’ll have guest artist on stage to fill some songs with trumpet riffs, a triangle tune or any other groovy instrument that suits their interest in the moment.

Some of my favorite tracks, that I’m always jamming out to here in Los Angeles (also where Wallows formed, grew up and currently resides) is Ground from their EP along with 1980’s Horror Film and their single Uncomfortable. Damn, just talking about those songs... hold on... I have to put that on. They recently released a music video to 1980’s Horror Film which is a exaggerated (and hilarious) satire on what a romantic 80’s music video feels like.

So give these guys a listen and gain a new favorite band.  

Landon Tavernier