Upright & Breathin'

It was a hot May night in the mountains of North Carolina. We were invited to a friend’s wedding and decided to do a day hike the night before. Drenched in sweat after the hike, we had the idea to find a local bar, get some local beer, and listen to some local music. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and missed the music. After speaking to some friends also attending the wedding, they informed us that a band was playing the wedding—which instantly sparked my interest. Fast forward to the wedding night, and two guys were playing a mandolin and guitar softly in the background. Instantly, I knew I would enjoy their style as I found myself watching them play as the bride and groom exchanged their vows (I know, what a friend). Being in the mountains, it was fitting that this acoustic duo had strong bluegrass roots, though they had a unique sound, different from what I’ve previously heard. This is when I was first introduced to Jeff Moretz and Chris Capozzoli, two members of Upright & Breathin’.

The rest of the night was filled with flawless instrumentals that put a smile on my face and on all of those around me. Having grown up in Ohio, I have not seen too many musicians like them, and they are two that I will never forget. The two clearly had chemistry and it was evident they enjoyed playing all night, riffing off of each other.  We inevitably made it up to the dance floor, to show off the shittiest dancing you might have ever seen, and never left! Something about their sound made me want to tap my feet, or stomp, depending on how close you were to the dancefloor. Regardless, I wanted to move around! After talking with the two during a short break, I learned that they are just two members in an acoustic band, Upright & Breathin’. After the wedding, I had to check them out on ReverbNation and Facebook and have been listening to them ever since.  On ReverbNation, I fell in love with their songs El Camino, Gypsy Mediocrity, and The Buckeye, to name a few. As I previously mentioned, their sound is truly one of a kind that I can’t seem to get enough of. I strongly recommend and encourage you to check out their music… I promise you won’t be disappointed! Also, if you’re ever near Boone, North Carolina, maybe you will be fortunate enough to hear them play! 

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