Trouble in the Wind: A Glimpse of Organic, Southern California Collections

"Hammer On" is the type of album that will get you on a Thoreau like high, leaving you envisioning yourself wearing oversized, all black aviators, road tripping in search of the best waves with your boards tied to the roof, you're out of your fucking mind, and freedom is a full tank.

This week, highlighting the band Trouble in the Wind, I have a freshly written prescription for your dose of indie/folk/rock type of car jams. The lead singer has a strong voice and I know I say it all the time, but once again I'll "casually" mention how awesome artists are who actually play instruments. Listening to "Hammer on" is your ticket into the San Deigo based bands' way of expression featuring banjos, guitars and accordions. My favorites from the newly released album are Touching Down, Lone Starman, and Big Leagues.

The Setlist rally for creative originality represents those who've got to be heard. Jumping on the opportunity to work with the crew here and other bands who don't sell out for radio hits, is a modern day Neil Armstrong leap to the underrated musical moon of up and coming talents. Strap on your boots my friends. Because to compliment the release of their new album, Trouble in the Wind partnered with a joint called Pizza Port Brewing Co. in Carlsbad, CA and helped create a tropical IPA brew that compliments the feel of a summer in southern California. 

Over the years, they have released a steady stream of music which can be found on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and my personal favorite, Spotifly. 

Give them a listen and tell us what you think!











Photo taken from their site, which you can check out  here

Photo taken from their site, which you can check out here

Erin Fitzpatrick