Mara Connor - No Fun

Unrequited love? I know, its No Fun, but we deal. Mara Connor’s new single No Fun is the very next thing you should listen to! I think a majority of us reading this post have been in this unrequited sort of position, even if it’s not about love, unrequited anything. It sucks! There’s a certain point, when it comes down to it, when you have to literally make your own luck.

No Fun explores the “what ifs” in opportunities… in this case love. Now I’ve been a personal fan of Mara’s since I first heard her perform an underground track of hers, Fleur de lis. I recognize a common theme in her music about love that makes me realize that this women has life experience she can share. I particularity realize how talented she is about expressing it; in her writing and ESPECIALLY in her kick-ass new Music Video.


As a filmmaker myself I can appreciate the work that went into making this video; the Cinematography and Editing is done in beautiful taste, as we vibe in a 70’s aesthetic. A lyric that sticks out to me; “I wrap my heart in clovers…”. We do this as human beings, we leave a lot of our choices to chance or luck and ultimately miss out on what could have been, the what if. “Oh we could be great, a couple of renegades. Why don’t we just run away?”. I’m reminded of a quote I heard watching the film Before We Go, which I thought was brilliantly written and pertains to the same brilliance in this song;

“Why is it that every one decision always seems too small to be the biggest decision of your life?”

“I don’t know but sometimes you have to just make the choice and jump in.”

Damn, ain’t that the truth? I find the same recognition in this quote as I find in Mara’s understanding of decisions. It’s no coincidence that in the end of here Music Video she literally “jumps in” to the pool, representing her final decision to deal with the hand she has dealt herself. Then she confidentially storms out of the house and hops in the car with the rest of her decisions. What makes a decision important is how you choose to live with it.

Mara is a magnificent singer/songwriter and I will listen to anything she creates and you should too. If you want to read my last review on Mara you can check it out here.

Landon Tavernier