New Single: Antler Knife by Leather Tramp

After much anticipation, the band leather tramp has dropped their new single, Antler Knife, accompanied by a pretty bad ass music video to go with it.

For those like me, who was a big fan of their previous self-titled album, you'll dig this song too. It lives in the same vein with their folksy, woodland, renegade style, which is as fun to listen to as it is to describe. Leather Tramp's music has a way of igniting the urge most of us feel, on some level, to break away from the constraints of modern society. I don't recommend listening to them while waiting at the DMV, for the impulse to strip and run into the forest, without ever looking back becomes real. Antler Knife starts out strong with a fun pace, enticing melodies and maintains them throughout the song. The lyrics tell an engaging story and the performance of them are very theatrical. All of those aspects make Antler Knife a good and entertaining song.

What makes Antler Knife a great song is the band's willingness to experiment and completely shift the tone towards what feels like the third act of the song. I'm a huge fan of art that is willing to take a big risk and go off course in search of something new.

Leather Tramp executes this elegantly, in turn, creating something truly original, which in my book is the highest summit worth reaching. I suppose their willingness to cut their own path and chart new courses shouldn't come as a surprise considering the name they've chosen to represent their sound. For those uninitiated, I'll drop a definition for ya...

Leather Tramp definition:  A person who lives a nomadic existence, but contrary to rubber tramps, they walk and hitchhike their way across the country.

Please go download the single on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify and be sure to keep up on Instagram and their site.

Heres the music video, it was really well done, so take the time to watch it in a high-quality setting. Let us not cheapen the experience.


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