My Little Kathaleen

We are so excited that 'Wake Child' has been consistent in making music. Their NEW SINGLE Kathaleen completely reaches the bar they set with their first single In the End. There is no lack of quality continuity when these guys come together; they produce the unique original sound that keeps each track refreshing, new and exciting. A brilliant harmony of blues and soul sprinkled with some trap. Wake Child loves to experiment and feel out what works or doesn't work, whatever, if they like it they like it so they share it, and that's how art is created; its a collaboration of true interest and heart that is shared. If people respond to your art well, that's just a bonus. I'm left to believe these are the kind of guys that don't TRY to do things better than they've done, they simply just keep doing what they do and it comes out naturally. I get the vibe that they don't try and sound a specific way or write a specific way, taking no one's perceptions into account, which is fucking awesome! We love that kind of style and passion. [embed][/embed]

We've been writing about and talking with 'Wake Child' since they released their first single In the End and I got to say after three amazing tracks I have no doubt that their next singles to come will be great, they are a band I look forward to hearing from and enjoy keeping tabs on. Soon, hopefully, we'll be in the works of interviewing these three fine gentlemen to dive into their process, I'm very curious, as I'm sure you are as well (so stay tuned to the blog).

So give their new single Kathaleen a listen and show 'Wake Child' some love!



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