Mara Connor


I find myself sitting across from a beautiful woman on set of a short film in Detroit, MI. She is getting her hair done and I am having fake tattoos applied to both of my forearms for our dramatic scene together; we are talking about life, goals and past/current world events. Though this story isn't about her or I, it is about the topic that is brought up between the two of us when she asks me "what kind of music do you like?" Kind of a hard question to answer for me, because like many others its hard to put a genre on the mix of styles I enjoy listening to; anything with a meaning and story behind it that makes sense and doesn't just try to sound good. Not to over complicate the conversation I blanket all of that with "Indie Music." This was the moment when I was introduced to a wonderful musician, Mara Connor. Immediately when I got home I looked up all of her music I could find. The first thing that popped up was her AMAZING cover of Neil Young's Old Man. Obviously this song is well known and already has such significance to its story, but the voice and instruments of Mara Connor's talent mixed with these lyrics is something you all should experience. I don't know how many times I have listened to it! Listen here! Neil's lyrics, Mara's beautifully piercing voice, and the guitar riff made this song break through to an entirely new level for me. So now I'm in love with Mara Connor's sound.

"I hope she has more music!" I thought. She did! She has an original song Fleur-de-lisThis song IS NOT a "breakup" song! I'm reminded of that saying "would you rather have experienced love, and lost it, or never experienced love at all?" I see this song on the side of the former. My favorite lyric is "love's lost aren't always the best ones, always star-crossed slept out in the rain." Yes the experience of love and lost is there but the best part about that love was the opposition between each heart. The battle for the inevitable ending love is what makes love worth it, if love was just easy why would you fight? It'd be boring and bland. I really enjoy that Mara actually understands what she is writing and singing about, and good musicians naturally show that.

I'm half French so I love that Mara references love to the Flower of the Lily, which really blended well into the exploration of love throughout the song. This symbol not only symbolizes French explorers, but it is also a representation of perfection, light and life. To me the messege translates the perfection that comes with the messy exploration of love and loss.

A sense of truth and purity really shows in Mara's talent, and she is exactly the type of musician that needs to keep making music. With her beautiful covers and her lone original song she's already turning heads. Keep an eye and ear out for more of Mara Connor!