Leave Jay Alone

It just kind of happened, we got a follow on Setlist Instagram from a name that read "Leave Jay Alone". Well... I didn't, I had to push the red button and when I did I heard, for the first time, the mind of Jay Woodward. I mean you feel your living in the worldliness that has made up Jay's foggy, somber, artistic path. His style has a slight touch of Simon and Garfunkel about it. One thing I love about Jay's music is you really feel for it. Some songs will have lyrics and every other will be just the instruments talking, which gives off a vibe of what he is feeling in that particular moment. I like that he doesn't feel the need to speak his mind with just words. 

When I start listening to a new artist I always begin with their latest album or work to see where they are at, not just creatively, but in life. I have to say, based on Jay's writing and lyrics alone, exclude instruments, I can tell he isn't just scratching words on a notebook pad to string a poetic sound-good song. From experience, by listening and reading Jay's music I can't help but think of my brother's style of writing and photography; slow, cold, unconventional, yet if you really pay attention is understood. That's what draws you in, you have to listen and decipher the minds of people like Jay or my brother, to fully understand what they are living through. It has a little bit of, what I like to call "Shakesperience"; its hard to read but when you really apply yourself to the work or creation, the journey forces you a lot closer to what your attention is on, and therefore brings a certain love for it. My first love for Jay's music came when I heard Sparrow's Song. One of the things we strive for with our blog is to be completely honest. With that said, I had quit a mind adjustment, trying to figure out the meaning of this track. And that's what I really love about it, it really made me think, and set my on a journey to discover what Jay is talking about. I couldn't help but keep my mind off of the idea that maybe this song is about the faith in God. Does the Sparrow represent the biblical symbol of our importance to God? Or does it question that? Is Andrew, the disciple being referenced, as well as the flood, about how this world is a mess and if we were really meant to survive? It could be questioning all of that. Maybe it's a message saying no matter how hard you try nothing changes; it could be the exact opposite. He brings up a lot of questions about life and role of people in this world. Dealing with yourself internally and overcoming the distractions that come with living on this messy planet. All of the referencing about faith and belief leave a sort of ambiguity to the possibilities of the message to this song. Someone told me once, "You can't control the art you create". In that aspect this song can have various understandings and relevance to a wide range a people.

My favorite line in the song is "Don't ask me how I know the Sparrow's song. The poet is dead, but the words carry on". I like to think of this as the importance that people have on the world once they are gone; how their lasting word effects what they have left behind. Jay talks about this being a "temporary land" and how "the world stands amiss" "and wait for the day when the sky to opens up". And while we wait on this temporary land, whether or not we are meant to be here we need to live IN our life. The world will be "amiss" your "mind will be a mess" tragedies happen and "flood" our path; sadly enough we have to live with the shit that comes our way.

I hope I get the chance to talk with Jay soon to ask him what inspired this song. It intrigues me and though I have an idea of what this song stands for it still leaves me with a lasting thought of what else is behind it; it had a lasting impression with me. After you all read this blog and listen to some of the great work Jay is putting out, leave a comment, or message me on our Facebook and let me know your thoughts of Sparrow Song, I would honestly love to hear what you have to say.

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