Jade Bird

A Force to be Reckoned With

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Jade Bird’s self titled album debuts a 12 track set list ranging from bluesy anthems like “Ruins” to more upbeat pop infused songs like “I get no Joy”. Her first album has been described as “angsty” and “infectious” and her first single titled “Lottery” has already claimed the #1 spot on Billboard’s Adult Alternative Songs Chart.

Bird is a twenty-one year old Wales native but has already asserted herself as a successful singer-songwriter in the American music scene. She has appeared at SXSW, sharing a stage with recognized artists such as The Avett Brothers, Lewis Del Mar and Elliot Root. This past March, she was also named MTV’s “Artist of the Month” setting the tone for a promising future. Bird has dubbed Patti Smith and Alanis Morissette to be the icons who inspire her musical endeavors and she openly states she’s on a mission to collaborate with Phoebe Bridgers.

Proving her passion for music, Bird recorded a demo reel in a friend’s bathroom and managed to score a deal with Simone Felice of the Felice Brothers. Felice has produced albums for artists as notable as The Lumineers and Bats for Lashes. He’s been called a “folk hero” on more than one occasion and prides himself in embracing the eccentric. With a majority of her songs written in a barn near Woodstock, it seems as if Bird manifested the rock and roll those sacred grounds once held dear to curate an album of her own. Bird’s collection of songs includes moody ballads with relatable lyrics like “I’m just a product of my own emotions” in “Ruins”. She is incredibly vulnerable while writing powerful and honest lyrics that emerge from real life experiences. In “Good at it” Bird illuminates her own insecurities writing “I mean it when I say that I’m not sure who I am”. Many of her songs vocalize her unease about entering relationships in her twenties which is a topic so many of us can empathize.

Jade Bird is a force to be reckoned with.

Her tenacious attitude mixed with her robust vocals only keeps us longing for more. You can find her charming audiences all across the nation on her first ever North American tour this fall. Keep an eye out for this powerhouse because with all her talent, there’s no predicting where this bird will land in the future.

More of her music can be found by clicking the button below.

Written by: Cat Henderson, an awesome journalist welcomed to the Setlist community with open arms,

Cathy Henderson