Into The Wild

I am standing down stage right, a hanging amplifier in my face, the smell of beer, the sounds of hollow voices and the clanking of bottles throughout a filled music venue called Frankie's Inner City. I am in my hometown in Toledo, Ohio and I am about to get a piece of raw hardcore talent that tells an authentic story behind each member of the band, and with their notorious post-hardcore, heavy-melodic aesthetic, they are about to release the entire place Into The Wild. Band members: Caleb Nelson (Vocals), Brent McClain (Vocals), Wesley Bandy (Guitar), Hunter Parsons (Bass) and Jake Weber (Drums) break into their first song of the set and engulf themselves in expression of what they love to do, a feeling that relates to the majority of people in the room, hence the familiarity of faces that keep coming back to escape with the band. The sufferance of loss and the pursuit to overcome the hard states that come with being human is a common theme throughout both of their albums. I was lucky enough to be a part of the night with Into The Wild as they headlined to release their second album Dandelions. I am usually not into the screams, head banging, and moshing but when you are in front of a band that is immensely passionate about what they do, it's a natural response to join in. I found myself immersed in every song. And it's always an experience when you see the crowd joining in on every word to the music. Some even made it up on stage for a vocal release, always welcomed by the artists.

They're not in it for popularity, its a true exposition for them and you just happen to be listening in on what they are saying. That's what makes them great. A lot of times you'll get drowned just in the sound of music like this, which isn't bad for a particular escape; Into The Wild keeps it refreshing with opposing vocalists; Caleb Nelson screeching the room to pay attention while Brent McClain soothes them with his melodic voice, the two almost sparing as the inner and outer voices. Then guitarist Wesley Bandy, magically shows every man in the room how to properly use their hands, steps up to the microphone to belt out a few bars revealing his versatility. There is no lack of head banging beats when drummer Jake Weber sits down on his fucking thrown and when bass man Hunter Parsons slaps an unorthodox rhythm throughout the entirety of every song. These guys are AWESOME! They have the talent, skill and ability to play off of each other that only comes with a group of people who are truly connected, its amazing to watch. Give their song Gypsy a listen to, a great sample of what the band is about. If you're really listening, aching to get lost in not only the sound, but in the words, Into The Wild does just that. They do a beautiful mash-up of pace; some songs being solely instrumental like Lion's Tooth featured on their second album or Dissonance featured on their first. They're also not afraid to bring the tone down a bit to create slower songs like The Dolphin and the Swan. It's no coincidence they've been headlining a majority of events around the Toledo area.

One thing that I love doing on the Setlist blog is reviewing bands when I get to research them based solely on interest. It's exciting to find out what a music group stands for, and what their lyrics reveal about themselves. These guys naturally put on a good show; they don't care about their image, they care about what they are doing.

Check out their Official Music Video for Gypsy from their second album Dandelions


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