Dylan Hartigan (In the Hart of Brooklyn)

I had the fortunate opportunity to study in New York City during the summer of 2016; I went to further my education and pursue my self identification. I packed my bags and hopped aboard an Amtrak heading towards Penn Station. I went with no one and was arriving to no one. The only thing I knew is that I was going to study my passion, which drove such ambition, and I was rooming with three other guys that I had no prior knowledge of. A mutual friend connected us, but before that day I hadn't had any sort of communication with them. I only use cliche lines when they pertain to a true experience, like this one when I say "it's funny how life works." Remember when I wrote "The Freedom with Indie Music" and mentioned I made a close friend who is very talented at writing his own music? This is the story of how I met Dylan Hartigan. Knowing no one coming to the city was scary, which kept me open to meet people. Luckily I was thrown into a situation where I would be living with a few guys, leaving us to have to get to know each other. BUT it wasn't like that, it was really easy to get to know my new roommates and become friends with them. By the third day it felt like a good place to call an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I walked out of the bathroom one morning to Dylan playing his guitar on the living room couch.

"Hey, do you like this?" as Dylan played.


He played me what he was currently writing down in his notebook. I loved the lyrics, and we got to talking about how he used to be in a signed band but he left it. He said he had an amazing experience and so much fun with the guys he was playing with. However he wasn't left much freedom to control what he was writing, so he left. A decision I respect, he cared about what he was writing and didn't want the glory of writing it he just wanted to share his passion and experiences to whomever was listening.

I really became a fan when Dylan and I spent a weekend at the Frendly Gathering in the Green Mountain State. They were having a contest that if you went on stage and played a song for the crowd you'd be entered into a drawing to win a Mini Martin guitar. Dylan went up and played a song called "Hey Darling", this was the official first time I heard him actually play a full song. I remember listening to him play and thinking "holy shit"! I told him after I loved the song and that he had an amazing voice. I asked him if he wrote it, and he said yes. I knew I would want to hear all his original tracks to come after hearing that one.

In "The Freedom with Indie Music" I also shared that Dylan went on to construct and create his own studio (Hartigan Studios) with his dad, so he could produce what he was writing. I can honestly say I am a fan of every song he has written and produced. Since his establishment of Hartigan Studios, Dylan has already written, recorded and produced five full tracks so I had to share this with you guys! Amognst his five amazing tracks, and more to come, I want to talk about my favorite song "Mooonlight".


I love this song, it tells a story of a moment you want to last forever but don't want to ruin. Do you take that moment just as that moment and live in it? Would it be wrong to try and extend it into something it's not supposed to be? You'll probably regret not trying for it, but you don't want to tarnish what that moment was. Though this song can be interpreted into many different ways I like to think of it as staying as long as you can in each beautiful moment you are given the opportunity to experience. Don't take it for granted, "stop and sit and stare" be present in your times. Not only does the title represent the second line in the song, but I also like to see the three "o" in the songs title as wanting to everlastingly stay in it, in this case a powerful relationship in a small amount of time. My favorite line is in the end "this little part right here is what movies are made about. It's when time disappears, theirs no place for doubt. Don't you be afraid to tell her one day, that seeing her right there, I just want to stop and sit and stare". Don't let the thought of never being able to recreate a moment, destroy the current one you are having.

Like I said, "it's funny how life works". I went to New York not knowing any one, now I'm sitting in my apartment in California writing this blog; again, rooming with Dylan... and he's still writing. You can check out what Dylan's up to at his Studio's Instagram and listen to his music on SoundCloud. Thanks for reading!


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