Daily Music in Dublin- Just What The Doctor Ordered

Music is the glue that holds Dublin together. And not like a cheap glue stick type of glue, but like gorilla glue, the kind that you must scrub for an hour just to get it off of your hands. The strong connection of the music to the people in the bustling Irish city is not like anything I've ever witnessed before, and let me tell you, it is the experience of a lifetime.


I traveled through Ireland for about 20 days. The country is the perfect place to find a balance of city life, and jaw dropping off the grid rural views. Hopping from place to place, I was lucky enough to get the feel of both blending in with a crowd in tremendous cities and standing completely alone on top of giant cliffs overlooking the beach. Needless to say, they are both equally awesome, but I think the music is one thing that absolutely must be heard. The raw talent dating back to before any of us were even born, is single handedly what makes the flight half way across the world worthwhile for any real music or history lover.

Of course, in Ireland, everyone starts smoking and drinking at a young age, but also, most of the musicians I met said they picked up their first instrument at a young age as well. It must be in their blood. Starting off early makes a hell of a difference, and it shows. You can't go anywhere without seeing a busker playing covers to get them by, and they we're all pretty good. I'm mad at myself for not learning to play an instrument.  

Venturing out to Europe gave me a new appreciation for societies that are built around music. Dublin is like hitting the lotto jackpot of sounds. When you walk down the brick roads in the city, you'll find tunes spilling out of every pub door or window.  




This beauty is called The Temple Bar. It's on the main strip in the heart of the city, and its existence is no secret. Normally, I hate going to places that are this crowded and well known, but I sucked it up. I'm glad I did because it ended up being one of my favorite places in the country. If you find yourself in Dublin anytime soon, pay them a visit, cause when you walk in you will hear people playing all sorts of off the wall instruments. The fiddle, accordion, mandolin and even the banjo. They do it big at the temple bar and it is no disappointment.   

Temple Bar opened in 1840, and with daily live acts, they have been bringing people together ever since. Patrons of all ages from all over the world come here in peace to have a good time and nothing else matters. I love it.

Here, a guitarist named Dave Browne broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Playing Guitar in June of 2011 where he played for 114 hours straight. I read that on one of the signs inside the bar. I couldn't ask questions, so I have no clue how the man used the bathroom or how his fingers were able to stand plucking the strings for that long, but he managed to pull it off so cheers to him and his strong bladder I guess.

Dublin is the shit though, it's a city of stories, jam packed with pubs far different from any that we have back home and it's impossible not to have a good time. Nobody loves a good party like the Irish!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment with stories from your best live music or concert experience!

Play on my friends



Erin Fitzpatrick