ZiBBZ: It Takes a Village

I was in the crowd at Hollywood Strike with my buddy Malibu watching Drew Cole announce his last song for the night, before the next act went on. Drew made a joke before his first song saying "it's just me up here tonight, my band can't make it." During his last song everyone but Drew noticed a man with a hair bun, wearing the coolest Hawaiian shirt you'll ever see, sneak up to his standing drum set, getting ready to join in. Seeing this man for the first time and taking Drew's joke a little too literal, I thought "oh! How cool of Drews drummer to show up on the last song and chime in". I know now it was the drummer for the band Drew was opening for, ZiBBZ.

Photo from ZiBBZ.com

Photo from ZiBBZ.com

Stones - ZiBBZ’s (Newest Single)

It's been a while since I personally did a review on the Setlist Blog and I thought it would be appropriate to come back and write about a duo-sibling-band like this by the name of ZiBBZ (ZiBBZ meaning "siblings") because, well, they fucking rock. I'm not talking about a generalization of music that falls under that category for its style, I mean they KILL IT on stage, they "rocked the house". They bring so much energy, between the two of them, you can't help but start moving your body to the music. What's great about music like this is it makes you feel like moving because THEY feel like moving; the reaction is a result of what they're doing. This isn't a band where they ask you to join in, no, you just want to.

ZiBBZ is a brother-sister package. Stefan "Stee" Gfeller (rad Hawaiian shirt) plays drums and keyboards and Corinne "Coco" Gfeller screams out vocals and jams on the tambourine and.... really just does whatever she is feeling. Aside from my impulse to dance my immediate reaction was to find out if this lead woman on stage was married. She is, just to be clear everyone. I became a huge fan that night... and maybe fell in love? 

That night they played a Setlist consisting of tunes from their It Takes a Village album, which is streaming on all musical platforms. A few of my favorites are Citylights, Run, and Paperplanes. Start wherever you'd like when you listen, but those are the ones I recommend to get a solid feel for them if you aren't seeing them live, which you will also NEED to do.

Stee and Coco frequent between Los Angeles and Switzerland, where they are from. They represent their home country with a passion and their home country represents them. They reside in LA playing shows and jam with a collection of Echo Park artists including, amongst others, Drew Cole and Foxes and Lions. If you are ever in an area that ZiBBZ is and they are playing a show, buy a ticket. You can show some love to ZiBBZ by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at. You can also click over to their website here.

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Landon Tavernier