The Ghost of Paul Revere- adding an awesome band to your everyday soundtrack

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The Ghost of Paul Revere is the result of a talented group of guys from Maine, Max Davis, Sean McCarthy, and Griffin Sherry, who grew up listening to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin getting together and doing what keeps the world going, making music. They collaborate their talents and form a rowdy, must hear folk band breaking ground in 2011.


I stumbled upon the trio and found myself hooked on their beautifully written lyrics, perfectly harmonized voices, and variety of instruments used in each song.

Their most recent album, Monarch, opens with the song above (Little bird) and the exciting, inviting sound of the tune makes me want to listen to the whole soundtrack first thing in the morning while I’m getting ready to conquer the day. Some may find the need to start the day off with music blaring from the bathroom a little ridiculous, but it’s worked for me this far so you know what they say….. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The members mention that Monarch is special because they approached the making of this album differently than some of their work in the past. Usually, the three of them sit in a room with their microphones and just kind of wing it until they find something they like, but a lot more planning and arranging went into this one. "We wanted to do something new and explore where we could take the sound while still staying true to who we are." says bassist/singer Sean McCarthy. Monarch represents how things around you WILL change. Families, friends, lovers, sounds, they all change, and this group mentions that embracing the transformations is the key to thriving. I always admire artists who can grow and embrace new ideas without losing who they really are and that might just be another reason why The Ghost of Paul Revere is good in my book.

A few other songs I really like by them include

  1. Wolves

  2. San Antone

  3. After Many Miles

You can find more from the band here

Take it easy and thanks for another great week.


Erin Fitzpatrick