Langhorne Slim- The Journey of The Free Spirited Solo Artist

Langhorne Slim- The Journey of The Free Spirited Solo Artist

Langhorne Slim (Sean Scolnick) is a songwriter/guitarist who amuses crowds all across the country by expressing his passion for making music and sharing his stories. His most recent album, Lost At Last Vol. 1, is intertwined with songs that represent challenging society into seeing past the idea that we must follow a certain path and fit into this made up “mold” per-say, even if it means taking the road less traveled. He’s taking in life from a different approach, and the lyric “Let’s fall in love with our telephones off” from the track “Never Break” clearly spell out his thoughts on the matter . After recording his previous album, The Spirit Moves, Slim says, “I felt a deep desire to make another album. One that would take a step sideways in order to take a step forward; one that would be very personal and raw…in the making of this record, I made a deal with myself to trust my own voice and vision more than I ever have before, and to go willingly wherever it led.” Ending the newest album with “Better Man” (Life ain't long so do the best you can" Oh, I wanna be a better man’ ) leaves you off on a positive note, inspiring personal growth and self realization.

Langhorne Slim is a laid back, open-hearted artist. His style of folk is more on the classic side, where the songs are simply structured and lean towards a greater focus on the lyrics. Naming his album Lost At Last Vol.1 leads us to believe there’s more on the way from him, possibly in the form of volume 2?. I feel like he is at a point in his life where he is writing frequently and has found a sort of momentum to roll with. He’s definitely cruising, putting all his ideas on the table and finding a way to connect with the people. It seems as if he has let loose and found a style that’s really working for him.

I wanted to better understand who the artist is as a person, so I listened to a couple of interviews to kinda hear out more of Slim’s story. The Sugarshack Sitdown is by far my favorite because he speaks so freely and is comfortable with just being himself. Langhorne Slim considers himself a rambler, and with that being the case, a lot was covered in the interview. He talks about pushing himself as an artist, problems in our society, challenges he has personally overcome, and the importance of spreading love. Langhorne Slim tells the story about how after his track “Never Break” came out, one of his old elementary school teachers contacted him and apologized for how the school systems have failed people like him. After listening to him I definitely got a better hold of how he looks at that world and really enjoyed how good of a sense of humor he has as well.

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