The Tallest Man On Earth: all about the folk artist from Sweden

Kristian Matsson is a solo artist who uses the stage name “The Tallest Man On Earth”. He records and produces all of his songs from his home, voice and guitar on the same track so everything you hear is all him, no questions about it. The idea of writing a review on Matsson came about from talking with someone who is very close to me about the blog and trying to come up with some good artists to introduce. The genuine sound he has going for him and his badass self makes The Tallest Man on Earth the perfect topic of discussion and his ability to catch the listener’s attention just by staying true to his work is what really sold me.

2006 :The Tallest Man on Earth (EP)

The year it all started. His self-titled EP came out and put him on the charts as a folk singer songwriter and an impressive and swift fingerpicking guitarist. He is a special talent who sings about dreams, love, death and constant adventure in nature.

  1. It Will Follow the Rain

  2. Walk the Line

  3. Steal Tomorrow

  4. Over the Hills

  5. Into the Stream


2018 : When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground

During the course of 2018, The Tallest Man On Earth spent his time working on this project, releasing each song one at a time with a music video to go with it. Each video is presented as an episode in the series, and starts off with an introduction which gives viewers the chance to understand what went into the tracks and where his ideas came from. It’s like he is speaking directly to you about what is going on in his life and that makes this project so human. Since the year is coming to an end, all the episodes have come out, and he is on tour promoting his new music, which will carry into 2019. As an artist, he has come a long way and developed into a strong performer, but no matter who he works with or what new instruments he incorporates into his songs, you might notice that his crisp, original style has remained the same.

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