Who the fuck is Caamp?


There is plenty of time for new opportunities to arise, new doors to open, and of course, new music to be discovered. Here, I want to keep our family up to date on bands I think are essential for everyone’s soundtrack, and Caamp is simply one of those bands. Spotify added them to my “Discovery Weekly” list so that’s pretty much how I first heard them, but I’m glad I did because they’re awesome. So I got on the phone with Jake, talked like junkies, decided to write about these guys and here we are.

photo taken from Caamp website listed below

photo taken from Caamp website listed below

Caamp has a folkish type of feel to them, but I’d say it’s hard to place them into one single category based on how original their sound really is. Their facebbok page says “Ohio boys making beautiful noise” and shit, it doesn’t get more cut and dry than that. Most of their tracks utilize a guitar, a banjo, and 3 vocalists. They make the type of music that you can imagine being used in films. Just listening to their songs can tell a lot about them, and they exceed expectations when it comes to music that is written and played by the artist alone. No ghost writers, no outside influencers, just the band and their own blood, sweat, and tears, playing songs that mean something to them. Caamp has a way of putting into words all the things I wish I knew how to say myself.

They are currently on tour promoting their newest album “Boys” and playing music for people who want to hear it. I’m rooting for them on the side lines cause they’re out there doing great things. Although I have yet to get to know the members, I hope that changes in the near future. But for the time being, check them out and tell us what you think!


Band website: CAAMP

Erin Fitzpatrick